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How to Get a Class 2 Lorry Licence Without any Obstacles

How to Get a Class 2 Lorry Licence Without any Obstacles

If you think that becoming an HGV driver is easy, you should ask someone who has just got the licence. They will explain to you in the best way. It might sound easy, but the process is very lengthy. Here are a few things you need to have as you qualify for a class 2 lorry licence. 

  • A complete car driving licence 
  • Proof that you are 18 years old (there are some expectations)
  • Driver’s certificate of professional competence (CPC) (only if class 2 lorry driving is the main part of your job)

You need to pass five tests to get a complete driver’s certificate of professional competence. 

The Exception– If you are already qualified as a class 2 lorry driver and want to re-school, you don’t need to pass all five tests of driver CPC. 

First Step

Apply for a Provisional HGV licence 

As you apply for a provisional licence, confirm the type of licence you choose, and then apply for the HGV licence. The category of the HGV licence will depend on the type of vehicle you choose and if you want to add a trailer or not. To get a provisional licence, you need to get forms D4, and D2 from DVLA (driving and vehicle licencing agency). Get it filled out by a doctor and submit it with your driving licence and photograph. It will take around three weeks for the DVLA to revert. If your application needs any cross-checking, it may take more time. 

Second Step 

Apply for the Theory Test 

After you complete your LGV Cat C training and get your provisional licence, you can immediately book part one theory test of driver CPC. The test includes two parts: 

  • Multiple Choice Questions- There are a hundred questions to attempt. 
  • Hazard Perception- You need to pinpoint the hazards in this test. 

You have to book both tests separately, but you can give both exams in one day. The UK government gives you two years to clear both tests and get your theory certificate to move further. Your results will be handed over immediately. 

Third Step 

Case Studies 

You can immediately book your case studies test after getting the provisional licence. You don’t need to pass the theory test to attempt this one. There is a total of seven case studies based on real-life class 2 lorry driving. Each case study has 6-8 multiple-choice questions. You will get a letter if you pass the test. 

Fourth Step 

Off-road Exercises 

To book this driver CPC test, you should pass your theory test. You can book the test with a private test provider or DVSA ( driver vehicles standard agency). The test will take thirty minutes of your time. You need to show recoupling and uncoupling if you opt for a licence with a trailer. It is the first half of the fourth step. 

Next is on-road Driving. 

To book this test also, you have to clear the theory test. You need to get the certificate of off-road exercises to book this test. In this test, the examiner will ask some questions related to vehicle safety, and then you will have to complete one-hour practical road driving. If there are twelve or fewer driving faults and no dangerous faults, you will pass the test. 

Fifth Step 

Practical Demonstration 

To book this test, you need to get the certificate of the case studies test. With the certificate, you cannot perform the test. You can book this test through your trainer or with any other source. To pass this test you should know how to: 

  • Load the goods in the vehicle and keep it secure following all the safety rules. 
  • stop trafficking in illegal emigres
  • evaluate emergencies
  • decrease physical threats to yourself or others
  • do a walkaround vehicle security inspection

There are a total of five topics in the test for class 2 lorry from your Driver certificate of professional competence syllabus. Each topic has 20 points. After all this, the examiner will tell if you have passed the test or not. 

After clearing all the Tests 

You should know about the HGV class 2 licence cost. You will have to pay for each test as you book it. As you clear all the tests you should: 

  • Get your driver’s certificate of professional competence 
  • Apply for a tachograph card 
  • Prepare for international tours 
  • Stay qualified by completing the periodic training after every five years. 

So this is the entire process of getting a class 2 lorry licence. Also, if you want to apply for any other licence, the process is quite similar.

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