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Know About Different Driver CPC Courses

Know About Different Driver CPC Courses

Driver’s Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) is a card given to all HGV drivers to drive professionally. Some cities in the UK also call it a driver qualification card.

This card is proof that you have cleared all your tests and training. If you don’t have the card while driving professionally, you might have to pay a fine of £1000. It was introduced in 2008 by the European Union Directive to increase environmental awareness, professionalism and road safety. 

After you clear all four parts of the driver’s CPC test, you do a 35-hour periodic training to get your card. This card is valid only for five years, and you need to get it renewed after. For renewal, you need to undergo the same 35-hour periodic training. For the same, there are a few Driver CPC courses I Driver Driver Training offers. 

Know more about these courses and CPC module 2 and CPC module 4. 

Whether you want to complete CPC modules 2 and 4 or 35-hour periodic training, I drive driver training and have Driver CPC courses for all. 


Module 2 and 4 

CPC Module 2– It includes the theory part

CPC Module 4– It is all about practical training and tests. 

The price for this course is £350.00

Module 4 

This course includes practical training and tests. Also, it offers tests all in one day. The price for this course is £258.00

35-hour course 

This course is for five days and includes vat, training and a Jaupt data upload fee. The price for this driver CPC course is £300.

So these are some courses offered by us. You can select one according to your amenity. We teach CPC module 2 theory tests (case studies) through online portals, and CPC module 4 is all about things you might experience in real life during driving. Our one-day training course is for 7 hours and is either taken in the classroom or through the online portal zoom. 

Our Training Includes 

  • Secure use of the HGV
  • Assessments to be made before operating the HGV
  • Loading the HGV safely
  • Inspecting for risks from illegal acts and trafficking
  • Driving in cold climate climates and what assessments you should do
  • You will train at sunrise until you are happy and have taken in all the appropriate knowledge to pass the examination the first time. If you require to go over anything, we will do it. Then we will move to Guildford to get examined. The exam can last up to thirty minutes.

In The End 

It is all about the driver CPC courses for CPC module 2, CPC module 4 and 35-hour training. If you want to enrol for any of our courses, visit our site. We offer the best at the minimum price.

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