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The Courses for Driver CPC Module 2 and CPC Module 4

Whether you need to complete the CPC Modules 2 & 4 CPC or get 35-hours
periodic training, we have courses running daily.
What Is The Driver’s CPC?
“What is CPC?” It is one of our most frequently asked questions. Here, we explain what Driver CPC module 2 and CPC module 4 courses are, why you need CPC training, what is involved and whether you need Initial or Periodic Driver CPC training. We aim to help you navigate through the complicated process of becoming a professional HGV driver. If you prefer to discuss your CPC driver training questions, please call us now; we’d be more than happy to talk it through.
Why Do I Have To Do The Driver CPC?
Back in September 2009, the Government passed the Driver CPC module 2 and 4 legislation to ensure that all professional Drivers would be subject to the ongoing requirement for retraining. Since then, the Driver CPC has been keeping HGV Drivers’ skills at the high level required by the role through ongoing ‘Periodic’ training on a range of subjects that are relevant to the life of a professional HGV Driver.
Some Drivers are not affected by the Driver CPC legislation. It includes people who drive for emergency services (e.g. ambulance drivers), the military, people who drive in the course of other duties (e.g. scaffolders) and people using vehicles purely for personal use (e.g. horsebox owners moving their horses). Most people do fall under these rules, so if you think you’re exempt for a reason, you should seek advice before driving.

Driver CPC Module 2 and CPC Module 4 Courses


Completing your CPC Module 2 and CPC Module 4

The CPC Module 4 test is the last thing to do after you complete other training. Once you have passed, you will be issued your CPC Card. You will need to carry this card every time you want to drive for financial gain, or you could face a fine of up to £1000. Before you take the CPC Module 4, you must have completed your CPC module 2 (Case Studies) theory test.
We offer training for CPC Module 2 via our online portal, teaching you all you need to prepare for your test. CPC Module 4 training is designed to teach you what you can expect to find in the real world. You can only do the CPC Module 4 training once you have passed your C1 or C licence. You must have your driving licence on you to take the test.
The course we offer is a one-day practical course, including a test, that will give students a chance to discuss the key issues relating to LGV safety and demonstrate the practical skills required of professional LGV drivers, as per standards set by the DVSA. Completion of this course will also prepare candidates to take the CPC Module 4 Initial Driver CPC test.
This course covers, but is not limited to, the following areas:

35-hour Periodic Classroom Course


If you want to drive professionally, you must hold a DCPC qualification. To do this you must complete 35 hours of training every 5 years. We suggest doing 1 course a year, or you can complete our 5-day training week.

A 1-day training course is 7 hours long and based either in our classroom or virtually on zoom. During this course of CPC module 4, we will discuss all topics around the role of driving professionally.
To attend periodic training, you need to either:

In the course, you will be taught and refreshed on the rules and regulations of the sector you are working in.

Upon completion, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance and your DQC (Driver Qualification Card) in the post at the address, which is on your licence.