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The Guide to HGV Class 1 Training


Are you interested in driving a heavy goods vehicle in the UK? You will need an HGV licence. If you are searching for ways to become an HGV driver, this blog can guide you on the right path. Here we will share some information on how you can build your career through HGV Class 1 training

In the UK, Heavy goods vehicles are used for transporting purposes. If you want to drive a truck or lorry weighing more than 3500kg with a trailer of 750kg +, you should start your HGV class 1 training immediately. 

The Demand for HGV Class 1 Drivers 

As you look for jobs as an HGV/LGV Class 1 driver, you will notice a high demand in different industries. After knowing the eligibility criteria, needs and location, you can contact the training centre to become a professional HGV driver. You should be eighteen years old and have a full driving licence to become an HGV driver. 

The Sessions Available for HGV Drivers 

UK is currently going through a lack of HGV drivers. There is a demand for around 50,000 HGV drivers in varied industries. It can be a golden opportunity for people who want to become class 1 drivers. 

To get an HGV CE Licence, complete your class 1 training from an authorized institute. Your training can take eight to eleven weeks. The trainer can extend the HGV training if they don’t see your cooperativeness. 

Get Clarification on Your Career

When you have decided to enter the HGV industry, you should find an affordable training institute that uses all evolving techniques. You need HGV class 1 training (HGV C+E Training) from experts to get your licence as early as possible. You should clear all your tests within the time to grab the opportunity from the HGV market. Ensure you know everything about the procedure and steps to obtain the licence. Also, do not forget about the class 1 licence cost

Steps to Get Your HGV Licence 

According to the rules set by the UK government, you cannot get an HGV class 1 licence that easily. There is a long process that you have to undergo to get a driving licence. 

The steps you can follow:

Step1: Have a full driving licence.  

You should have a car driving licence (category B) or Category C licence to get an HGV Class 1 licence. To get the car licence, clear a practical and theory test from a registered centre. 

Step2: Get your provisional lorry licence 

After completing step one, you need to get your provisional HGV licence. In this, you have to take medical forms D2 and D4 from DVLA. Get it filled out by a doctor or medical professional and submit it to DVLA with a photograph and car licence. You need to be medically fit to drive a heavy goods vehicle. 

The HGV class 1 training cost is decided by the trainer you choose, whereas the expense of the test is fixed by the UK government.

Step3: Clear your CPC tests

After step 2, you have to book and clear your Driver CPC (certificate of professional competence) tests. This test has four parts. According to the regulations of the UK government, you need to pass all four tests of CPC to get an HGV licence. 

Step4: Practical demonstration 

Step four is the last part of obtaining your HGV class 1 licence. You need to show your HGV driving skills and listen to the commands of your examiner. Once you pass this, you should do a 35-hour periodic training to get a driver certificate of professional competence. You cannot drive any HGV without this certificate.

The Final Word 

You can follow these steps and the guidance provided in this blog to get HGV class 1 training and licence. Ensure you apply for the HGV licence you want.

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