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HGV Class 2 Licence Cost: Know all the Expenses Involved


As we all know, before finalizing any training we like to know about the costs involved. Though the UK government is doing a lot for HGV drivers. They have arranged free training to meet the shortage of drivers, but conditions apply to it. Suppose you are one of such people who wanted to go for free training but couldn’t. Now you need to become an HGV driver by paying for everything. Know about HGV class 2 licence cost.

LGV CAT C training – The requirements

  • You need a category B licence (full car driving licence)
  • You should be more than eighteen years old.
  • You need to get a Driver’s CPC (certificate of professional competence) after you qualify for your tests. It is required to drive commercially

Let us discuss the costs involved in getting an HGV C1 licence.
The first thing,
qualify for your provisional HGV licence. If you do not have a category B licence, apply for that.

The next step,
Get D4 and D2 forms from the website of DVLA ( driving and vehicle licencing agency)

  • cost for form D2 – free
  • price for form D4- £120

D4 is a medical form. Clear all your medical tests before applying for the licence. Some private companies can charge less (£50) for this medical examination. Ensure that you get this test done every five years to keep working as an HGV driver.

After this, you will get your provisional licence within three weeks.

HGV Class 2 Licence Cost

Get your HGV class 2 licence. Here are the process and costs involved.
There are four parts in total.

Part 1: The Theory Test

it is further divided into two parts
Part 1A: Multiple choice questions
You need to answer hundred multiple choice questions. To pass the test, you need a score of 85 or more. This part of the HGV class 2 licence costs around £26.

Part 1B: Hazard Perception
The examiner will show videos, and you have to spot the hazard. There are similar hundred spotting questions. To pass this test, you need a score of 65 or more. The cost of this test is £11.

Part 2: Case Studies

This part of the test involved CPC case studies. The cost of this test is around £23.

Part 3: Driving Test

As you clear your part one and part two tests, the next step is to drive practically. The cost of this test is around £115. You need lessons for this part, and the price is around £1200.

Part 4: The Demonstration

In this part, you have to show your driving skills. It includes

  • Checking the vehicle
  • operating it
  • the controls

This test can cost you nearly £55.

Once you qualify for all your tests, you can drive all rigid vehicles falling under the category of HGV class 2. Now you need to get a tacho card. The price of a tacho card is around £32, and you receive it within two weeks of applying. Next, you need a CPC card. You cannot drive commercially without Driver CPC.

Once you get your licence and CPC card, you can upgrade them to drive heavier vehicles and trailers. To get a Class 1 (C+E) licence, qualify for one more practical test. It can cost you £115.

Salary of an HGV Driver

If we talk about the salary of an HGV driver, it can cover the entire HGV class 2 licence cost.

  • Driver with CAT C or Class 2 licence earns £7- £13.50 per hour.
  • Driver with a CAT C+E licence can earn £8 to £15 per hour.

This is all about the HGV Class 2 licence costs you may pay during your training and test. It is worth it as after you start earning, you will see that all your costs got covered in no time.

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