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Requirements Pass Your 7.5-tonne Driving Licence Test on the First Attempt

Requirements pass your 7.5-tonne driving licence test on the first attempt

People who want to drive heavy goods vehicles to earn, take these driving tests very seriously, and it is the goal of their life. These tests determine how well you are at handling your situations and how well you are aware of the traffic rules.

Before moving on to the tips to pass the (C1) 7.5-tonne driving licence test on the first attempt, let’s check out the requirements of the practical driving test.

The Requirements of a (C1) 7.5-tonne Driving Licence

Knowing how to drive and driving ‘on road’ are two different things. Going for a 7.5 – tonne driving licence test is an entirely different thing. This test is most difficult for all but can turn into a nightmare if you naturally feel nervous about things. As professionals watch us performing, it is human to get scared and feel nervous that things might get messed up.

Therefore, it is better to come well-prepared, and feel confident about what you have learned. Here are a few things that are expected from you during your practical test.

Eyesight Check-Up

When you go for your 7.5 – tonne driving licence test, the first thing you will have to get done is your eyesight test. In this test for your 7.5 tonne (C1) driving licence, you will be asked to view the number plate of a vehicle. If the number plate is new, you will have to read it from 20 metres away, and if it is old, you will have to read it from 20.5 meters away. If you do not clear this test, you might not be allowed to move further with your test.

Questions on Vehicle Safety (tell and show me)

This test is conducted in two parts. First, the examiner will ask you questions based on vehicle safety, and once you have given all the answers, he will ask you to show the same practically. If you fail this test, you will not be able to reach the next step of your test.

Driving Ability (Independently)

This test takes 20 minutes and is the last part of your practical test. In this test, you will have to drive a 7.5 – tonne vehicle on your own without any assistance or guidance. It is the most significant part of the test. So make sure that you are attentive while performing it.

Driving Ability (General)

The examiner would accompany you to the test. He would be assessing you based on how you drive and will simultaneously give commands on where to turn and which route to take. Also, the examiner doesn’t disclose the route beforehand so that the element of surprise stays intact. With this, the driver is exposed to new routes and traffic.

Reversing the Vehicle

Reversing your car is a crucial exercise since it decides your parking skills and self-management skills in challenging and less-than-ideal situations (in case your path is obstructed). You might be required to perform the following:

  • The best parking options include parallel parking
  • Bay parking
  • Pulling up on the right side of the road and reversing for about two car lengths

Tips to Pass the (C1) 7.5-tonne Driving Licence Test

  • We understand that giving a driving test can be scary. So we are here with some amazing tips you can keep in mind
  • Regular practice of driving
  • Be your vehicle’s master
  • Drive in different conditions to be an expert
  • Drive daily to be in touch with the rules and regulations of the road
  • Always see the mirrors of your vehicle
  • Never forget to pay attention to road signs
  • Never drive in over speed
  • Make sure you are not sleepy while driving
  • Practice and take a mock test for your final 7.5-tonne driving licence test
  • Know all your questions. Be well prepared

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