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Safety Tips For an HGV Driver- Know These Before Your HGV Class 1 Training


It is not only about keeping HGV drivers safe on roads. Though you should be concerned about their health and well-being, the life of other drivers on the road also matters. If HGV drivers follow safety tips, it directly impacts another motorist.

Driving a truck, lorry or HGV needs ample attention and focus. It is very different from handling an XUV or a van. Therefore it is essential to maintain safety while driving an HGV.

All HGV drivers should follow all basic safety rules set by the government and maintain the speed of their vehicles. Also, they should take refreshments after every one or two hours.

Here are some of our suggested safety tips. You can use them anywhere you drive an HGV. Also, the weight and the object you are carrying will not matter. It doesn’t matter if you have done HGV C+E training because safety tips are for all.

Take Intervals in Between

The first rule for long tours is to take breaks. Whenever you are driving an HGV on long routes, take breaks. Have food, wash your face, and walk a little. It will help you to stay more active. Tiredness while driving will put you and other people driving beside you at risk, and they can also get injured. Most organizations that hire you will tell you to take some intervals during the drive.

How much you can rest during the journey will be according to the agreement with your company. Stopping for 20-30 minutes after every 4 hours will help you stay focused.

Do Planning Before you Leave

Before you leave for your next delivery, plan your route appropriately. If you have a long way to go, you should know a few basic things about the place. Check the weather. Bad weather can have a negative impact on your journey and can delay the time of arrival. Your trainer will teach everything in your HGV class 1 training but you are the one who needs to remember it.

Obtain a Current Medical Report

Anyone interested in working as an HGV driver should be willing to undergo routine medical examinations. If you visit a doctor or other professional, they can give you the complete dirt on your driving fitness. Most of the time, the company you work for can pay for these medicals.

The purpose of medicine is to evaluate your reflexes and physical health fairly to prepare for long-haul work. Any reputable HGV company will want to ensure their drivers get HGV medicals done before they start the car. Otherwise, reputations and lives may be in danger. Ensure that you follow everything taught in your HGV class 1 training.

Keep Your Loads with Safety

No matter how good you are at driving an HGV, ensure that your goods are safely loaded. Unsecure goods can get lost or damaged. Make sure you have leashed everything tightly, and the chances of falling are zero.

Inspect and Maintain your Heavy Goods Vehicle

When it comes to operating a professional HGV, daily vehicle inspections are essential. It entails checking that everything is appropriate before beginning a project. Check everything, including your suspension, lighting, mirrors, and tires. It shouldn’t take long, but you’ll pay dearly if the law catches up with you and decides your car isn’t road safe.

These are some safety tips every HGV driver should follow while travelling around to make deliveries. Even though you have done your HGV class 1 training from a good school, safety tips are essential.

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