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Our website provides you with comprehensive details about legal requirements and training objectives for each category by visiting the relevant pages.
We completely appreciate how daunting this can all be when you first look into gaining your next licence, we offer a complete service and guide you through all stages of the process.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by filling out the enquiry form or give our office a call, we can answer all your questions.

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    Our LGV Training Courses


    Cat C1 Licence Training

    Allows you to drive a vehicle up to 7,500kg Drive a category C1, medium-sized goods vehicles between 3,500kg – 7,500kg e.g. ambulance, horse box, removal truck & more.


    Cat C Licence Training

    Allows you to drive a rigid vehicle upto 32 tonne. Lear Allows you to drive a large category C vehicle weighing over 7,500kg.


    Cat C+E Licence Training

    Drive a vehicle over 7,500kg plus a trailer Learn how to drive the biggest vehicles on the road, category C+E. Over 7,500kg plus a trailer.


    Fast-trak HGV Training

    We have provisionally put new courses together, with regards to the changes in HGV licencing rules. Under the new government rules coming into effect shortly, you will be able to go straight to your C+E Articulated Licence.


    If you have been away from the driving world for some time, getting back into the trucks maybe a little daunting. Our refresher courses are perfect to get your comfortable back behind the wheel.


    Get your HGV Licence started with our starter packages.


    If your looking to drive professionally you will require a driver cpc qualification. Find out more about the courses we run.


    Why become a HGV Driver

    Firstly you need must hold a full car licence before you can apply for an LGV driver test. To qualify for a hgv provisional licence you must be eighteen years old.
    To apply for your LGV licence you need the D2/D4 forms. You will then undergo a simple medical which is filled in by a registered doctor to prove that you are in good health.
    After completing your medical assessment, you need to send both your D4 and D2 form to Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. You will also send your driver’s licence and your photo card. We will help you with every step of this.
    The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency will then process your application to decide if you are qualified to be a long goods vehicle driver or not.

    Choose Your Course, recieve your D2/D4 forms, complete your medical and send off licence application.


    Revise for your theory tests with our online portal and complete theory tests


    Complete on road training and driving tests at either our Sussex or Surrey training locations.


    Complete your module 4 training and test if required.


    What does the driving test involve?

    The Driving tests are now split into 2 sections, this is the same for all driving tests from c1 to Artic, Minibus to Coach.
    1st The Off Road Manoeuvre – Module 3.a
    1. Reverse exercise
    2. Controlled stop
    3. Uncoupling & re-coupling (only for cat C+E, C1 + E)
    Once the off road exam has been passed you can move onto module 3/b
    Module 3.A – On Road Driver
    A. Firstly you will be asked Safety Questions
    Relevant To Vehicle. (Show me / Tell Me Questions)
    B. On Road Drive
    1. Be able to move off from the side of the road safely
    2. Pull in & stop in a safe & convenient place
    3. Complete an up hill start
    4. Complete a down hill start 5. Show ability to drive your vehicle safely

    I Drive Driver Training provide you the best training you need to pass the LGV test on your first trial. Our training is filled with tips that are helpful and will help you stand out among other students.

    We teach our students everything they need to know about large goods vehicles and they have confidence in themselves when they finish their training. Our team of trainers is the best in the industry and has many years experience which makes our student also exceptional.

    I Drive Driver Training trainers are more familiar with the test and will teach and guide you throughout your training to prepare you for success in your test.

    We will allow you to drive through the common test route to prepare you for your practical test. This makes you more familiar with the route and also builds your confidence while having your practical.

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